Bus Operations


RATP Dev manages efficient, safe, and reliable bus operations in more than 37 cities in North America. From California to Florida, we operate and manage many of largest transit systems in across the U.S. We know there is more to transit than getting riders from Point A to Point B. Transit is about everything that happens in between.

Fixed-route service suited to your community.

We have been providing fixed-route bus service in North America for more than four decades. And when you partner with RATP Dev, you gain our global expertise as well as our local expertise. Whether you are starting new service or are implementing your multi-year strategic plan, we’ll help you get where you want to go.



RATP Dev operates more than 2,000 buses and coaches in North America.

Innovation for your passengers. 

From a rider perspective, innovation is something we help you think about well before each passenger ride and far beyond after they leave the transit center. Riders today expect transit systems to provide real-time service updates, and communication is key to keeping customer satisfaction levels high. We want to help your agency benefit from innovative communications technology that draws in students and citizens and can actually encourage more ridership. Accessing bus service information by smartphone is overwhelmingly what we’ve learned people want and value. We can help you leverage smartphone-based app technology for riders to access bus schedules and arrival times in real-time–just as we have done in Bloomington, IN, Volusia County, FL, and Ft. Worth, TX.

Award-winning maintenance. 

Hindsight is 20/20 when it comes to maintenance, so that’s why we’ll always keep you ahead of schedule. Our comprehensive maintenance schedules will ensure your buses as well as your entire fleet are available for service when duty calls. We manage some of the most skilled maintenance teams in the transit industry—many of whom have consistently won state and national maintenance Roadeo titles. RATP Dev takes a preventative maintenance approach in all of our operations and we will bring this expertise to your community minimizing service interruptions ultimately moving to a Predictive Maintenance plan.

Train up!

We make certain all staff operations, maintenance, and administrative personnel are all well trained to maintain all required licenses and certifications to carry out their respective responsibilities. We will train our staff to interact with riders courteously and compassionately. This includes everyday riders, riders with special needs, and tourists. We will train your operators as community ambassadors, so your riders have a positive experience on each ride which encourages ridership and keeps customer satisfaction levels high.

Proud of our track record.

RATP Dev has delivered continuous service to the following communities for more than a decade:

• Fort Worth Transportation Authority, Fort Worth, Texas – 45 years
• Volusia County, Florida – 42 years
• City of Waco, Texas – 41 years
• City of Lubbock, Texas – 34 years
• Bloomington, Indiana Transportation Corporation – 26 years

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