As technology continues to advance, the transit industry has the opportunity to use that technology to more effectively communicate with riders as they move from place to place and also to facilitate the provision of multi modal mobility operations. Where systems once were the focus, anticipating customers to seek those systems, now, travel options include more emphasis on mobility on demand. Connecting these systems creates integrated mobility, the future of transit. At RATP Dev, integrated mobility starts by linking riders with operations/transit agencies. By investing in technology solutions, either developed by RATP Dev or our technology partners, your riders will have an enhanced customer experience, and your operations will be optimized-ultimately creating efficiencies and cost savings. Explore those enhanced capabilities powered by innovative technologies from RATP Dev that positively affect riders and operations before, during and after the journey.


Both the rider and operations perspectives are supported by a suite of innovative technology.

Before the Journey

  • Compare and evaluate alternatives to choose the most efficient schedule options
  • Review transportation network potential demand compared with existing supply
  • Provide a “live view” of the impact on network restructuring
  • Plan personnel and vehicle assignments

During the Journey

  • Amenities such as Wifi at the Station / Stop
  • Real time access to relevant info for visitors and residents at the click of a button, anywhere
  • Streamline pass / ticket purchasing and fare collecting via debit, credit, and commuter benefits

After the Journey

  • Analyze rider and route data in real-time to guide decision making
  • Log, monitor, and respond to customer service issues submitted by the riders
  • Recreate past transit events to inform sound planning and decision making to advance continuous improvement

Rider Experience

Operational Experience


By viewing the rider and operations relationship in periods of time – before the ride, during the ride, and after the ride, you provide an enhanced experience, assisting riders from start to finish as they reach their final destination Through RATP Dev’s continued investment and interest in creating and adopting new technology, the path towards integrated mobility has already started. RATP Dev seeks to be the one connecting riders, public transit, transit on demand, scheduling tools, environmentally responsible modes of transit, and more to manage holistic, fluid transit systems across the globe.

Introducing Emerging Technologies

Video: Autonomous vehicle in Austin, TX

RATP Dev partnered with Capital Metro and The University of Texas-Austin (UT Austin) in March 2017 to introduce Austin to an autonomous shuttle—the EasyMile EZ10—during the SXSW Festival.

Video: RATP Dev helps the City of Bloomington, IN “Fast Forward”


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