Your mission is our mission.

Focused on you.

We know what it takes to keep rail and bus riders happy, and we’ll share our mass transit wisdom with you. When you work with RATP Dev, you can expect a partner who will build a transit system as you see it through your own eyes to make your vision a reality.

We are 100% focused on the success of our clients. We exist to address the needs of our clients and their passengers. To help you achieve your mission, you gain access to all resources made available to you through of the global RATP Dev transit network. This connects you to our exclusive team of global transit experts who can help you design the most intelligent transportation solution for your community. From sophisticated CAD/AVL systems to algorithm-based vehicle monitoring platforms to boost operational efficiencies, you can follow our lead to connect you to solutions that will help you achieve your agency’s strategic vision.

The RATP Dev pillars of success demonstrate the expanded focus we place on each transit system. These seven key areas drive towards success:

  • Superior execution for transition plans to bring the next level of professional expertise to your network
  • Appropriate level of training for key personnel, ultimately ensuring optimal customer experience
  • An established management plan that allows for increase employee engagement, increasing moral
  • Dedicated focus to the communities we support and ensure highest level of sustainability possible
  • Continuous improvement on operations and maintenance
  • Strong safety and security programs that push towards a positive safety culture
  • Lastly, innovation is the thread that runs throughout each pillar to implement the latest technology enhancements across each pillar and improve each transit system

Management & Operations Experts.

Fueled by a passion for innovation and continuous improvement, RATP Dev is a leader in the global transit landscape, providing management and operations services for bus, rail, streetcar, and paratransit systems to communities across the world. Our consulting and advisory services cover long-range and short-range planning, safety management systems (SMS) implementation, service development, service design, maintenance reviews, audits, scheduling and run cutting and bus-line inspection.

Transit solutions customized to you.

There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to public transportation. Your needs guide how we tailor the solutions we’ve implemented around the world to address your individual needs. Partnering with RATP Dev, you’ll experience the difference as you see your transit system connect with your region and local community.


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