Drive continuous improvement toward lower levels of risk.

RATP Dev pledges to put safety first. As a result, the formalization of a Safety Management System (SMS) solution and initiative is non-negotiable.

Introducing: drive2zero™ an official framework to increase safety culture of RATP Dev operations by managing safety and security to the lowest level of risk. Drive2zero includes four crucial components. By incorporating all four components, RATP Dev has a systematic approach to achieving the appropriate levels of risk acceptable to our organization and transit systems. Embedded within the four components are software solutions and technologies that enable this framework to become a reality. Explore each component below:


Software that directly manages the safety, risk, and operational performance of transit systems, with specialized focus in the management of incidents, investigations, safety, risk, quality, and regulatory compliance. This SMS enterprise software supports every component of the solution.


 Notification system that sends timely notifications to the right people, in the right format, using the right mode of delivery allowing you to respond, assist, support and investigate the situation as soon as possible.


 Provides users with a combination of traditional online classroom learning and behind the wheel (BHW) training. This tool helps administer, document, track, report, and communicate the various forms of curriculum.


Fleet management made easy; this visual depiction tool shows you trends in vehicle operations. Using GPS location and telematics connectivity you’ll have a driver management program at your fingertips to monitor, analyze, intervene and train your employees if necessary.

By implementing drive2zero, you have four solid safety components supported by innovative technology and tools to help you make continuous improvements to your transit system operations, ultimately enhancing your overall safety culture.

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