Revitalizing communities and spurring economic development.

Streetcars are experiencing a rebirth around the world, and especially in North America. It’s a mode that is being rediscovered. Why? Because of a streetcar’s positive impact on accessibility to urban activity centers. Streetcars knit people and places together, making it possible to more quickly travel city streets and neighborhoods. Streetcar lines provide a steady stream of consumers to economic development hubs. Where streetcars have been introduced property values have risen dramatically and the flow of pedestrian and business activity has increased. Streetcars enable people within each community to access places that they want to visit at their leisure.


RATP Dev currently manages and operates two streetcar operations in North America and
throughout the world including France, Italy, and China.

A modern mobility aesthetic.

RATP Dev carefully manages each streetcar operation under our management because urban streetcars require a solid knowledge of how they integrate with street traffic since they run “in stream.” Modern streetcars—like the ones we manage in Tucson, AZ, and Washington, D.C, are powered by electric propulsion, have a very low carbon footprint. Individual streetcars are driven by our trained operators who obey all traffic laws to safely transport rider to and from their destinations. From the curb-side pickup stations, which can be designed to be an improved bus shelter providing “next arrival” information, to the electric propulsion systems that power the vehicles and the tracks which are embedded in the street, RATP Dev can introduce our streetcar expertise to your intermodal transportation landscape.


In Tucson, Arizona RATP Dev began operations on the Sun Link Streetcar in July 2014 that includes a 4.4 mile network with 6 streetcars making 18 stops from Downtown to the 4th Avenue Retail area. Serving more than 5,500 customers per day, including students from the University of Arizona campus, Sun Link’s ridership far exceeds initial expectations.

In Washington D.C., RATP Dev began operations in February 2016, with an estimated daily ridership of 2,285, along the 2.4 mile network, which includes 8 stops and 6 streetcars. Thousands of customers travel daily with our Streetcars from Union Station to the Benning Station stop, an emerging entertainment and commercial district.

“I see [the DC Streetcar] playing a very good role in the community, because it brings everybody together. You know it’s a very diverse crowd that rides the streetcars. It’s a good thing for the community.”
– Jamal Goodwin, Washington DC Streetcar passenger

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